Formosa kulturförening

Formosa kulturförening is currently the biggest and oldest overseas Taiwanese group in Sweden. Formosa kulturföreningen is a non-profit organization, aiming to serve overseas Taiwanese's interests. We cooperate with Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission, in trying to help enhance global overseas Taiwanese affairs and to promote traditional Taiwanese culture. We hold various activities every year to celebrate different festivals with overseas Taiwanese. Welcome to join us!

Formosa kulturförening was established in 1978 by five overseas Taiwanese, respectively Litsai Chang, Fabu Chang, Hewang Kuo, Wenkuang Chou and Fusung Liu. Formosa förenineng has over thirty years of history since its establishment and the affiliates are as follows: Chinese School (Kinesiska Språksförening i Stockholm), Evergreen Club and Women's Club.

You might have lived in Sweden for a long time, just moved to Sweden, married someone who lives in Sweden, or you have come to Sweden for further studies, no matter what reason brings you here, the invisible destiny binds us all and we have all settled down in this country far away from Taiwan. Even though the Swedish winter is freezing cold, having you here makes it warmer in our hearts.

Welcomes to join Formosa big family and wish you all the best! Sincerely, Formosa kulturförening